Announcing the Chews Wisely Podcast!

Announcing the Chews Wisely Podcast!

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I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited, to share something very new: a podcast!

Chews Wisely launches on March 7th, and is a podcast where I will deconstruct food and sustainability topics with nuance and primary sources.

 Conversations will range from conscientious omnivory, supply chains, and regenerative agriculture, to the latest food studies, "Big Ag," and more. We’ll go beneath the headlines and hot takes.  

We'll explore, among many things, how real climate solutions are nuanced, and how there are many right ways to eat and be sustainable. And ultimately that we can’t fix a food system that we don’t really understand. Chews Wisely will broaden your lens, help you crush your next dinner party, and - hopefully - bring a little more connection and gratitude to your next meal. 



The trailer is out now! Please listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and follow along so you don't miss an episode. We're also on Instagram at @chewswiselypodcast.




1 thought on “Announcing the Chews Wisely Podcast!

Colleen Cihak

Really enjoy listening to your YouTube posts. Trying to get in the habit of listening to your podcast.
For being so young, you & your husband as very wise.

September 21, 2023 at 11:41am

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