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It all started when...
Justin and I were eighteen years old. He lived in Townsend, Montana, working for his dad on the family farm and I was in town for the summer working as a ranch hand. I had pulled up to get some fuel at the gas station when I noticed the boy on the other side of the pump. I leaned over to my friend and said, “I’m going to marry that guy.” And ten years later, that prediction came true.
In 2017, Justin and I were hoping to start ranching cattle. But the start-up costs made that impossible, and we weren’t sure how we would ever go out on our own. Sheep were not on our radar. But then I saw a Facebook post advertising four free Icelandic sheep. A quick Google search confirmed that this relatively rare breed was special and well suited to grass-fed management, so Justin and I picked the sheep up the very next day. And Little Creek was born, named after a small but mighty creek up in the Montana high country that never runs dry. 
From the start, Little Creek has held transparency, sustainability, and customer experience as core values. We grew rapidly but mindfully, adding more sheep and eventually cattle, artisanal ranch goods, and experiences. 
In all aspects of Little Creek, we prioritize animal husbandry and land stewardship. We understand that "fast is slow and slow is fast," and so we appreciate your patience when we have limited inventory. And we love sharing our story every day with you on Instagram (@littlecreekmontana). Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Little Creek in the News

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Why regenerative agriculture?

The idea behind regenerative agriculture is to go beyond sustainability. We aren’t trying to simply sustain, we are working towards regeneration. There are five main principles of regenerative agriculture: keeping the soil covered, leaving living roots in the soil, integrating livestock, limiting chemical inputs and disturbance, and encouraging diversity. The aim is to produce food in sync with nature, and to work with the fundamental ecological principles that govern our grassland ecosystem. It’s hard work with a steep learning curve (and we aim for progress, not perfection), but it’s worth it, knowing that our livestock, the land they graze, and our meat will be the better for it.
We practice rotational grazing in which we are constantly exposing our cattle and sheep to fresh tall grass, while letting previously grazed pastures rest. This encourages biodiversity, wildlife, beneficial plant species and drought resilience while preventing overgrazing and encroachment of invasive species. We limit the use of dewormers and antibiotics, and utilize non-lethal predator deterrence in the form of our livestock guardian dog, Floof.

Our Beef

Little Creek beef represents the best of two worlds. Our cattle are pasture raised in the high country of the Rocky Mountains and finished on grass, and are also supplemented with a light, locally grown barley ration for six months before harvest. This combination brings together the benefits of regenerative, pasture-based beef with unbeatable steakhouse flavor and tenderness.
We partner with a USDA inspected craft butchery to dry age all of our beef (even our ground beef!) for 14+ days, and have full traceability on every cut.
Our beef is available locally and shipped nationwide, and we sell a la carte and through a subscription program, Farm Club, where customers get first shot at all their favorite cuts, total flexibility, and the best pricing.

Our Lamb

Our Icelandic sheep flock is 100% grass fed and finished. Icelandic lamb is unlike anything available at the grocery store; it is prized for its tenderness and mild flavor. Even those who swear they "don't like lamb" will be converted by it. As part of our nose-to-tail ethos, we are also proud to offer ram horns and sheepskins seasonally.
All lamb is USDA inspected, and primarily available via pre-order certain times of the year as inventory is limited.

How to Order

We ship meat boxes nationwide every Monday via UPS, arriving at your door within 24-48 hours. Boxes are shipped in curbside recyclable insulated liners with dry ice, to keep contents cold in transit.
We also offer free local delivery in the greater Bozeman, Three Forks, and Townsend, MT area every Monday afternoon and evening. Enter your zip code at checkout to see if local delivery is an option in your area! All local deliveries are dropped off with dry ice in reusable insulated totes.

Farm Club

Since 2018, Farm Club has been comprised of our most supportive customers, who  join through a purchase of a subscription meat box. The perks of joining Farm Club are many: flexible subscriptions, free shipping, and first shot at all restocks and product launches. We can't wait to welcome you to the club!


During our all-inclusive ranch retreats for women, attendees get immersive and hands-on experiences with our livestock, comfortable, rustic lodging and meals, unique workshops and excursions! Cowgirl Camp & Shepherd Camp, our hallmark events, offer an opportunity to get in touch with your grit again, and to interact with the landscape in a new way.
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Cowgirl Camp
Held in late summer, Cowgirl Camp is your chance to experience the real mountain west first hand at a remote and pristine cattle ranch. You’ll horseback ride, learn to rope, make friends and take excursions to the local area. With limited cell phone service and no wifi, you’ll unplug and unwind as you enjoy Montana's high country, and spectacular working ranches, to the fullest. 
2024 dates & details out now.
Shepherd Camp
Held in the spring, Shepherd Camp gets you hands-on experience with a working sheep flock during lambing season. This is the real deal: you'll learn the ins and outs of how to deliver and care for lambs and deal with whatever comes up. Whether or not you’re hoping to start your own sheep flock one day or simply looking for an adventure, you’ll have an unforgettable Shepherd Camp experience. Paused for 2024 as we're having a baby.

Ranch Goods

Inspired by the historic mercantiles of years past, we partner with artisanal and handmade makers locally and across the US to craft an ever-growing line of small batch and sustainably sourced ranch goods including sheep milk soap, raw honey, organically tanned sheepskins, hand poured candles, and more.

Giving Back

It's always been a part of our mission to fight food insecurity in Montana. In 2021, we launched our first holiday food drive, and in 2022 we doubled down and made it an annual event. So far we have donated close to $10,000 in meat & staples, thanks to our wonderful customers!


How did Little Creek get its name?

We were inspired by a small but mighty spring up in the Montana high country that never runs dry.

How is your meat shipped and how does it stay frozen?

All of our meat boxes are shipped via UPS. In-state orders travel via UPS ground, while all other boxes are shipped overnight. This ensures that meat arrives to you frozen, partially frozen, or ready to eat within 24-48 hours. Your box includes a recyclable insulated liner and dry ice to keep products cold. Nonperishable orders (ranch goods) are shipped via USPS.

Is my subscription flexible?

You bet! Each box is custom packed for you, and you can pause, skip, or cancel any time. Additionally, you can switch up shipment size and frequency, and we can hold shipments short term if you’ll be out of town.

Do you do local deliveries?

We sure do! We offer free local delivery in the greater Bozeman, Three Forks & Townsend MT area for orders over $40 every Monday. Enter your zip code at checkout to see if local delivery is an option in your area!

Can we visit the ranch?

At this time we are only able to open the farm to visitors as part of our retreats because daily work has us maxed out. But you can follow along on Instagram (@littlecreekmontana) for frequent updates!



Our meat boxes are shipped quickly, arriving in 48 hours or less (usually 24 hours). We use top of the line industry packaging and dry ice to make sure your meat arrives in great condition, though delays sometimes occur that are outside of our control. In the vast majority of cases, delays do not cause any spoilage. 
Your meat will arrive frozen, partially frozen, or ready to eat. The USDA confirms that meat that is cold to the touch (colder than refrigerator temp.) can be eaten safely and also refrozen. Please contact us within 48 hours of delivery if you encounter a problem with your meat. In order to receive fast and simple order protection in case of delays, theft, or damage, sign up for shipping protection at checkout. All sales are final; due to the perishable nature of these products, we do not accept returns.


All sales are final. We recommend selecting shipping protection on every order at checkout, especially during the holidays.

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