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Farm Club


Farm Club is our annual club where members join through a purchase of a beef, lamb, ranch goods, or a digital subscription and spend the entire upcoming year with us getting a deep, inside look into the (unfiltered) workings of the ranch and the ins and outs of running a small business, with a ton of perks along the way. Farm Club members are our informal board of directors; we share all our news, products, and events with them first, and their feedback helps guide Little Creek. It's our absolute favorite way of connecting with our customers and a whole lot of fun!


Free shipping on Farm Club products

Customizable and flexible orders

10% off add-ons to your box

Exclusive access to our close friends list on Instagram

First shot at all restocks, product launches, and events

Farm Club only discounts





Read more about our beef here.

Beef Sampler Box: Each Beef Sampler Box is jam packed with easy-to-cook cuts of our delicious pasture raised and grass fed + grain finished dry aged (14-21 days) beef. Each box also comes with our super versatile Cowgirl Seasoning and our ever-growing catalog of recipe cards. Multiple sizes available!

Ground Beef Box: Ground beef is incredibly versatile and the perfect staple to stock your freezer with! Our ground beef is dry aged, pasture raised, and grass fed + grain finished for maximum tenderness and flavor. Each box also comes with Cowgirl Seasoning and recipe cards. Ground Beef Boxes can be purchased once OR as a subscription - both qualify for Farm Club. Multiple sizes available!



Read more about our lamb here. 

Lamb Sampler Box: The Lamb Sampler Box is a great introduction to our 100% pasture raised, grass fed + grass finished Icelandic lamb and includes a variety of easy-to-cook cuts like chops and stew meat. It also comes with our Shepherd Lamb Seasoning and a recipe booklet. Multiple sizes available!

Lamb Showstopper Box: We call it Showstopper for a reason: This box is filled to the brim with all the best cuts of our tender and mild Icelandic lamb, like leg of lamb and rack of lamb, plus other favorites like ground lamb and lamb chops. It also includes our Shepherd Lamb Seasoning and a recipe booklet. Perfect for lamb lovers and special occasions! 



Ranch Goods Box: Our Little Creek ranch goods are a customer favorite! The Ranch Goods Box features an assortment of our bestsellers and exclusive Farm Club-only items that are all natural, small batch, and suited to each season including our lotions, candles, soaps, and more. Ranch Goods Boxes can be purchased once OR as a subscription - both qualify for Farm Club.



Our Digital Membership is a great way to get the perks of Farm Club and gain an in-depth look at life here on the ranch without purchasing a product! You’ll be added to our close friends list on Instagram, where we do weekly Farm Club Thursdays (we’ll only post to that list!), new product previews, Q&As, and more. In addition, you’ll get our Farm Club emails so you can get first shot at all restocks, monthly discount codes, and other extras. 



What if I need to skip or pause my beef subscription?

You can pause, skip, or cancel at any time. Customers can manage their own subscriptions through a customer portal and we are also here to help any time.

Can I switch to a different beef subscription product or size?

Want to switch to a smaller or larger beef box? We can handle that for you at any time!

What if I will be out of town when beef is shipped?

We send an email the week before your beef box ships to confirm shipping date and other details. If you will be out of town we can change your shipping date - just reach out!

Can I make requests/substitutions?

Yes. Each box is custom packed and we take note of any requests you send us. 

Does my beef subscription come with free shipping?

Yes, all Farm Club products come with free shipping.

I want to try lamb, but I don’t know how to cook it. Can you help?

We include seasoning and recipe booklets in all our lamb boxes to inspire lamb lovers new and old. Just grab a meat thermometer and you have everything you need to make a fabulous meal!

I want to sign up for your ranch goods subscription but I don’t like candles (or soap, etc).

Just leave us a note at checkout! We custom pack each box and are happy to make substitutions based on your preferences.