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Managing Your Subscription

How to Manage Your Little Creek Subscription


1. Start by going to your account login page, entering your email and password, and signing in:

This page can be reached by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper right hand corner of the littlecreekmontana.shop homepage (as seen below) or by visiting https://littlecreekmontana.shop/account/login

IMPORTANT: If when trying to sign in you receive a message saying that your email is not recognized, please email support@littlecreekmontana.com and we will send you an account invitation.


2. Once you are logged in, you will see the following page:

3. To make any changes to your account, such as your address, click on “Manage Subscription.”

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the “Account Details” section to make changes/update your address as it will NOT sync to your subscription!

4. On this page, you’ll see all the information about your subscription. You can use the various drop down menus to make any changes as needed.



For example, to change your address, select the “Address and shipping information” drop down menu and hit the blue edit button.



Be sure to uncheck “Use an existing address,” make your changes, then click the “Save Changes” button. Your shipping address will now be updated.

5. Email support@littlecreekmontana.com with any questions or concerns and we’ll jump in to help!