Our Beef

Caroline Nelson riding a horse and herding cattle in the Montana high country mountains


Our cattle spend their summers at Battle Creek Ranch in the high country of the Montana Rocky Mountains. They graze native grasses, drink from the creek that gave the ranch its name, and spend their lives among Montana's glorious wildlife: elk, deer, antelope and bald eagles. 

We run a variety of breeds of cattle and favor crosses for maximum health and growth, but our meat program is based on the premium flavor and tenderness of Black Angus and Charolais cattle.



Spud the Border Collie poses in a beautiful green pasture with a mountain in the background


At Little Creek we practice regenerative grazing which means that we are focused on soil health and carbon storage. We use solar electric fence to keep our sheep and cattle safe, contained, and moving through rotationally grazed pastures. We strive to leave the land better than we found it, and to build soil health and enhance carbon storage while we're at it. We are a young ranch business and strive to make a greater impact on our native soil and on our local community with each passing year.


Caroline Nelson holds a wooden box of dry aged premium Montana beef and steak.


There's a reason that beef straight from the rancher tastes noticeable better than meat from the grocery store. It's not just the premium genetics, husbandry, and finishing process; it's the dry aging. Dry aging is an ancient method of tenderizing and enhancing beef that is done at craft butcheries all over the world. All our beef is dry aged (even our ground beef - that's rare!) and you can taste the difference the moment the beef hits your tastebuds. 


In early 2021 we initiated a monthly beef donation to a fellow Montanan or organization that could benefit from our help. Giving back both locally and across the state has been a goal for several years and we finally have the inventory to pursue it. If you have a suggestion for a future beef recipient within Montana, please email caroline @ littlecreekmontana (dot) com with the subject line 'Beef Donation.'