We ship nationwide every Monday via UPS, with free local delivery to the greater Bozeman, MT area!

Our Beef

There's a reason that beef straight from the rancher tastes noticeably better than meat from the grocery store. It's not just the premium genetics, husbandry, and finishing process; it's the dry aging. Dry aging is an ancient method of tenderizing and enhancing beef that is done at craft butcheries all over the world. All our beef is dry aged (even our ground beef - that's rare!) and pasture raised and grass & locally grown non-GMO barley finished for maximum tenderness and flavor. 

We run a variety of breeds of cattle and favor crosses for maximum health and growth, but our meat program is based on the premium flavor and tenderness of Black Angus and Charolais cattle. 



Our cattle spend their summers at Battle Creek Ranch in the high country of the Montana Rocky Mountains. They graze native grasses, drink from the creek that gave the ranch its name, and spend their lives among Montana's glorious wildlife: elk, deer, antelope and bald eagles.



At Little Creek, regenerative agriculture is at the heart of what we do and we're committed to making sure that we leave the land better than we found it. 

We practice rotational grazing with a focus on soil health and carbon storage. Our cattle are free to move across large stretches of pasture and are constantly exposed to fresh tall grass, have diminished exposure to parasites, and encourage biodiversity and wildlife in the pasture. In turn, this prevents overgrazing and erosion while pulling carbon back into the soil and regenerating the land. You can read more in depth about our rotational grazing practices here.


From the start of our business we have implemented environmentally-friendly practices with our packaging. All local deliveries are dropped off with reusable insulated totes. For the bulk of our nationwide meat shipments we use insulated box liners that keep the meat cold without the harmful effects of styrofoam. Our liners are made out of 70% recycled material, and then can be recycled once again after the shipment arrives.

We also accept liners back from customers and love to reuse them after they are sterilized. 


Since its introduction in 2018, our Farm Club program has been our most popular offering and is made up of a group of our most supportive customers from all around the country, who spend the seasons with us gaining a much deeper understanding of ranching as well as receiving special membership perks, such as flexible subscription options, free shipping, exclusive discounts, first shot at all restocks and product launches, and more.

As part of Farm Club we offer two types of beef subscriptions: Our Beef Sampler Box (available in two sizes with easy-to-cook cuts) and our Ground Beef Box (available in multiple sizes). Both come with our versatile Cowgirl Seasoning and recipe cards.

Learn more about joining Farm Club here.


In 2021 we initiated an annual holiday beef donation and food drive program to help fight food insecurity and give back to fellow Montanans and local organizations that could benefit from our help. Giving back both locally and across the state has been a goal for several years and we finally have the inventory to pursue it. You can watch our vlog and read our blog about last year's donations.

If you have an individual or organization within Montana that you would like to suggest for a future beef donation, please fill out our form.