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Our Lamb

Prized by chefs and home cooks alike for its tenderness and mild flavor, Icelandic lamb is unlike anything available at the grocery store. It is easy to cook and easy to enjoy - no need to wait for a holiday. While in comparison to commercial lamb, Icelandic cuts are smaller but nothing beats them for flavor. Even those who swear they "don't like lamb" will be converted by it.

It’s believed that Nordic settlers brought Icelandic sheep over to Iceland around the ninth or tenth century where they quickly acclimated to the climate and thrived on a grass-fed diet. This hardiness and resilience are traits we treasure to this day both in their ease of care and in the quality of their meat. You can learn more about the breed here.



Our flock get a varied diet of grasses and legumes just as they would in the wild (our lambs are never fed grain) and are continually rotated to fresh pasture as part of our rotational grazing program. We are always working to improve our grazing practices and add diversity to our pastures. This contributes to healthier soil and carbon storage, which in turn means healthier sheep and more nutrient dense meat! A win-win-win! 




At Little Creek, regenerative agriculture is at the heart of what we do and we're committed to making sure that we leave the land better than we found it. 

We practice rotational grazing with a focus on soil health and carbon storage. Our flock is moved as often as we can between pastures, every 2-7 days. This means that our livestock are constantly exposed to fresh tall grass, have diminished exposure to parasites, and encourage biodiversity and wildlife in the pasture. In turn, this prevents overgrazing and erosion while pulling carbon back into the soil and regenerating the land. You can read more in depth about our rotational grazing practices here.

We also utilize non-lethal predator deterrence in the form of our livestock guardian dog, Floof to maintain the natural balance of the local ecosystem.


We don’t spray our pastures, and limit the use of antibiotics and dewormers as much as possible to fight resistance. Any livestock that are given antibiotics do not enter our meat program. We never give added hormones to our lambs.


From the start of our business we have implemented environmentally-friendly practices with our packaging. All local deliveries are dropped off with reusable insulated totes. For the bulk of our nationwide meat shipments we use insulated box liners that keep the meat cold without the harmful effects of styrofoam. Our liners are made out of 70% recycled material, and then can be recycled once again after the shipment arrives.

We also accept liners back from customers and love to reuse them after they are sterilized. 



Since its introduction in 2018, our Farm Club program has been our most popular offering and is made up of a group of our most supportive customers from all around the country, who spend the seasons with us gaining a much deeper understanding of ranching as well as receiving special membership perks, such as flexible subscription options, free shipping, exclusive discounts, first shot at all restocks and product launches, and more.

As part of Farm Club we offer two types of lamb boxes: Our Sampler box (a perfectly curated introductory box with easy-to-cook cuts) and our Showstopper box (made up of a selection of premium cuts). Both come with our versatile Shepherd Seasoning and a recipe guide.

Learn more about joining Farm Club here.