Season's greetings! We ship ranch goods throughout the week and meat boxes every Monday, arriving at your door within 24-48 hours. Please place holiday orders before December 13th, that is our last shipping day until the New Year. Ranch goods restock at the end of November. *Farm Club is now open for 2022*!

Sustainable Packaging

Renewliner recycled recyclable insulated premium box liner



From the start of our business we have implemented environmentally-friendly practices with our packaging. All local deliveries are dropped off with reusable insulated totes. For the bulk of our nationwide meat shipments we use insulated box liners that keep the meat cold without the harmful effects of styrofoam. Our liners are made out of 70% recycled material, and then can be recycled once again after the shipment arrives.

We also accept liners back from customers and love to reuse them after they are sterilized.