Galaxy Sheepskin Pelt
Galaxy Sheepskin Pelt

Galaxy Sheepskin Pelt

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Swirling black and white spotted fleece.

Hand tanned without harmful chemicals or bleaches. 

Little Creek sheepskins are one of a kind, stunning pieces for your home. They add coziness and warmth to any room and are often used as decor or lap blankets. Our favorite uses are over ottomans or railings, as wall hangings, as baby photo backdrops or used for meditation mats. Our sheepskins are nothing like what you find at the big box stores; they are tanned by hand using earth-friendly processes and no harsh chemicals. It takes hours of painstaking work to save, cure, clean and tan each one into a beautiful heirloom.

This sheepskin features medium fleece (approx. 5" long).

Pelts of this quality are simply not for sale elsewhere outside of family farms raising heritage sheep like ours.

Sheepskins come with care instructions. These are not machine washable; treat them like a suede jacket. We recommend keeping sheepskins off the floor/high traffic areas and dry at all times. Undersides may have small holes or discolorations; make sure to examine photographs.

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