Rancher's Choice Beef Box *Free Shipping*

Rancher's Choice Beef Box *Free Shipping*

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*We will customize this box just for you! Leave it up to us, or share your favorites at checkout (see list below).

The Rancher’s Choice box features a wide variety of our beef offerings for the very best price - customized just for you! We have packed hundreds of beef boxes for our happy customers and know what you will love. Stick with the basic Rancher's Choice box offerings below (we switch these up from time to time!) or customize it yourself by letting us know your favorites at checkout; we'll do our best to meet your requests.

You'll end up with the perfect medley; choose from 6 or 12 lbs of delicious dry aged beef for many meals to come.


6 lb Rancher's Choice Box contains:

-3 packages of dry aged ground beef

-1 dry aged beef roast (approx. 3+ lbs) 

-1 Cowgirl Beef Seasoning


12 lb Rancher's Choice Box contains:

-5 packages of dry aged ground beef

-2 dry aged Sirloin Tip, Top Round, or other grilling steaks

-1 dry aged beef roast (approx. 4+ lbs) 

-1 Cowgirl Beef Seasoning


*photo is a sampler assortment; does not show exact contents of box

Want to add ranch goods onto your free shipping box? Use code ADDONFREE at checkout to get free shipping on all extras. Only valid for meat boxes that already come with free shipping.


Little Creek Beef is:

-Steakhouse quality with premium marbling + flavor

-Dry aged (even our ground beef, which is very rare!)

-Pasture raised, humanely handled, barley + grass finished

-Family ranch owned + processed at a craft butchery

-Quick! Arrives on your doorstep in 24-48 hours from shipment


Rancher’s Choice possible cuts: ground beef, beef stew meat, beef for fajitas, top round steak, sirloin tip steak, Denver steak, round roast, brisket, skirt steak, flank steak, flat iron steak, chuck roast, osso buco beef shanks, beef bones, beef offal (liver, heart, oxtail, tongue).