Spring Special Box
Spring Special Box
Spring Special Box

Spring Special Box


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The Spring Special Box box features a medley of our favorite beef offerings for the very best price. A fantastic graduation gift, or simple a way to celebrate the long awaited return of grilling season!


The Spring Special Box contains:

-4 packages of dry aged ground beef

-1 package all beef hot dogs

-2 Sirloin Tip Steaks

-2 Dry Aged Top Sirloin Steaks

-1 Cowgirl Beef Seasoning

-1 sheep milk soap

-Recipe cards

Total: 30+ servings of beef (8-9 lbs)


photo is a sample assortment; does not show exact contents of box

 *On occasion we have to substitute similar steaks/roasts due to inventory. Rest assured we will always substitute with a cut of equal or greater value


About our beef:

Little Creek beef represents the best of two worlds. Our cattle are pasture raised and finished on grass, and are also supplemented with a light, locally grown barley ration for six months before harvest. This combination brings together the benefits of regenerative, pasture-based beef with unbeatable steakhouse flavor and tenderness.

  • family ranch raised and lovingly cared for
  • dry aged for 14 days (even our ground beef!)
  • non-GMO feed
  • processed at a USDA inspected craft butchery
  • no antibiotics or added hormones

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