Sizzle & Serve Beef Box

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This box is a weeknight wonder at our best ever price! Grab your favorite, fastest beef cuts and sizzle them up for a quick, protein-filled dinner. Just sizzle and serve! Our favorite ways to use these cuts include steak salads, homemade pizzas, veggie & rice bowls, and stir fry.

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The Small Sizzle & Serve Box contains:

4 ground beef

1 sirloin tip steak

1 package beef & pork snack sticks

1 package plain smoked bratwurst

Total: 24+ servings!

The Medium Sizzle & Serve Box contains:

8 ground beef

2 sirloin tip steak

2 packages beef & pork snack sticks

2 packages beef & pork bratwursts (plain smoked, garlic & pepperjack)

Total: 48+ servings!

The Large Sizzle & Serve Box contains:

12 ground beef

4 sirloin tip steak

2 packages beef & pork snack sticks

4 packages beef & pork bratwursts (2 plain smoked, garlic & 1 pepperjack, 1 green onion & wild rice)

Total: 80+ servings!

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