Our Shipping Rates - Explained

Our Shipping Rates - Explained


Although we've got it down to a science these days, many of our customers are new to perishable shipping. It's an amazing thing that we can put frozen meat in a box in Montana and it can arrive in Florida the next day! We have found perishable shipping with UPS to be consistent and easy. The only catch: it's not cheap. 


Perishable shipping rates
$29 Montana ground zone
$39 MST time zone overnight air
$59 all other zones overnight air
Free shipping all zones over $300!



We never make money on shipping. Actually - we pay more for shipping than we charge our customers. Depending on the zone and weight of the box, we subsidize shipping 5-20%. Shipping rates include the shipping label plus materials (recyclable, insulated box liner and dry ice to keep contents cold). Our shipping rates have stayed the same since we started shipping in 2019. We’ve held steady through covid, inflation, and massive fuel hikes, and plan to keep prices where they are as long as we can.

We know these shipping rates can seem like a lot. But here's the good news: they're flat rate, meaning the more you order the more the cost spreads out. We encourage you to stock up when you shop with us and really fill those boxes up, thereby getting the best bang for your buck. 

And more good news to our locals: we offer FREE local delivery to greater Bozeman, Montana every Monday! This includes Bozeman, Manhattan, Belgrade, Three Forks, and Townsend. Simply order $40+ of products, leave a cooler out for us, and we'll drop your order off right at your door. Couldn't be easier!

Got any questions on shipping? Leave 'em in the comments.


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