Cowgirl Seasoning
Cowgirl Seasoning

Cowgirl Seasoning



Inspired by cattle drives, chuck wagons + campfires

Cowgirl Seasoning is the go-to, versatile spice mix that answers the question: "How should I season this?" Of course, Cowgirl Seasoning is fantastic on all beef cuts, but it doesn't stop there. You will find yourself using Cowgirl Seasoning in marinades, on steaks before you sear or grill them, and even tossing potatoes and veggies in it. It's even great on avocado toast and popcorn!


Little Creek Cowgirl Seasoning is:

-All natural, no sketchy ingredients

-GREAT on ground beef, roasts, and steaks

-Can be used as a quick seasoning, a rub, or in a marinade

-Delicious on beef, seafood and vegetables 

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