Beef + Pork Bratwurst
Beef + Pork Bratwurst
Beef + Pork Bratwurst
Beef + Pork Bratwurst

Beef + Pork Bratwurst



Brought to you in collaboration with our award winning butcher, well known for his brats & sausages, our smoked + cured beef and pork bratwurst are great for grilling and easy weeknight meals. Brats are fully cooked, reheat slowly until they reach 160 F. Packages contain 4 brats. 


Don't forget to add a Cowgirl Seasoning, and to order a minimum of 5 lbs for all shipped orders.


Little Creek Beef is:

The best of two worlds. Our cattle are pasture raised and finished on grass, and are also supplemented with a light, locally grown barley ration for six months before harvest. This combination brings together the benefits of regenerative beef with unbeatable steakhouse flavor and tenderness.

  • Regeneratively pasture raised
  • Dry aged for 14 days (even our ground beef!)
  • Free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • Non-GMO fed
  • Vacuum sealed + inspected at a craft USDA butchery
  • Quick: shipments arrive on your doorstep 24-48 hours from ship date
  • Convenient: free local delivery to the greater Bozeman, Three Forks + Townsend MT areas

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