Grass-fed Lamb Bones
Grass-fed Lamb Bones

Grass-fed Lamb Bones



Whether you're making stock or on the hunt for a treat for man's best friend, we love these lamb marrow bones and believe it respects the animal to use all parts. Lamb bones are .4-.6 lbs each, two bones per package.

Don't forget to add a Shepherd Lamb Seasoning, and to order a minimum of 5 lbs for all shipped orders.

 Little Creek Icelandic Lamb is:

  • Regeneratively pasture raised
  • 100% grass-fed + finished
  • Known for mild, delicate flavor + tenderness
  • Vacuum sealed + inspected at a craft USDA butchery
  • Quick: shipments arrive on your doorstep 24-48 hours from ship date
  • Convenient: free local delivery to the greater Bozeman, Three Forks + Townsend MT areas

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