Ranch House Reno 🔨

Ranch House Reno 🔨

Hello from a house full of sawdust, tools, and piles of insulation!

In the calm before calving & lambing season, I've taken on a project: a full renovation of the back 3 rooms in our house!



Justin and I live in his grandparent's original farmhouse. It's a prefab home from around 1970, and for the last five years that we've lived here we've pretty much ignored the entire back of the house. These back rooms (a master bedroom, side room, and bathroom) need everything: new framing, plumbing, insulation, drywall, flooring, and fixtures. We knew it was a huge project and didn't have the funds or gusto to tackle it, so we just kept the doors shut. But if I'm really being honest, the real delay came from fear. I didn't know where to start, and felt ill-equipped to undertake a big project like this.

But then, a couple weeks ago, my desire to renovate was finally bigger than my fear of doing something new and hard. So I grabbed a pry bar and a hammer and started pulling walls off - you can see some highlights here.

It turns out that I love demo! The walls were thin paneling and came off easily, which built my confidence. Next, old insulation came out and was replaced, and I even tore out old electric. (Don't worry, professionals have been consulted and hired for the tricky parts.)

It's been a hugely fun project so far, and we are almost done with the tear down phase and ready to start re-building!  The best part has been a mindset shift in me. I have a newfound confidence to work on handyma'am projects, and am excited to keep going.

Justin and I have been anticipating this project for quite some time, so we've been scavenging free extra building materials from family and friends such as tile and drywall, so we have quite a bit of what we'll need already. And with us doing most of the labor, it's surprisingly affordable. 

I'll be sure to share "after" photos of our project! It may take a few more months as the chaos of calving & lambing season will certainly slow us down, but I'm determined to get this done by summer!


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