Our New Favorite, Anything-But-Boring, Ground Beef Recipes

Our New Favorite, Anything-But-Boring, Ground Beef Recipes

We’ve all been there: life gets busy, and thinking about something new and exciting to make for dinner each night becomes the last thing you want to tackle after a long day. It’s no exception here at the ranch. And I'll be honest, sometimes I find myself overlooking the trustiest freezer favorite: ground beef! 

Here’s the thing: obviously I don’t have a “beef” with ground beef (ha!) but I have to admit, I get in a cooking rut. If dinner isn't spaghetti or burgers or a shepherd's pie, I can come up empty when staring into the depths of our freezers for inspiration. So I’ve been on the hunt for some fresh and unexpected ways to enjoy ground beef, and wanted to share them with you!

These recipes are anything but boring. Who knows, they might just become your new favorites too!

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  1. Stuffed Eggplant with Crispy Beef from Bon Appétit

Delish Best Tamale Pie

Photo: Caleb Adams

This recipe is fancy and impressive, and would be great with ground lamb too. (Yogurt and pomegranate? Yes please...) Despite its flair, these stuffed eggplants are still quick and easy enough to prepare on a weeknight with a relatively limited ingredient list. Plus, aren't they're just so pretty to look at?

  1. Tamale Pie from Delish

Delish Tamale Pie Favorite Ground Beef Recipe

Photo: Ethan Calabrese

Despite my love for fruits and veggies, I have to admit that in our house - cheese is prominent at meal times! So this recipe understandably caught my eye. I mean...cornbread + sour cream + enchilada sauce + plenty of cheese = *chef’s kiss*


  1. Salisbury Steak from Alton Brown

Photo: Saving Dessert

Okay, so Salisbury steak may seem kind of old school, but this version is braised with milk powder which makes it rich, unctuous, and utterly delicious. Dare you not to drink the drippings out of the pan! My first time making Salisbury steak was a revelation and I encourage you to give it a try on one of those nights where you a cozy, filling meal with deep flavor.

  1. Thai Basil Beef with Coconut Rice from Food Network

Thai Basil Beef with Coconut Rice Ground Beef Food Network

Photo: Justin Walker

A tasty takeout favorite you can make at home that’s bursting with flavor and freshness, thanks to the addition of cucumbers and coconut milk. I love all variations of rice bowls - and Thai cuisine in particular - and I love that this dish can be made with lots of variations. It serves as great dinner inspo!

  1. Kobete - Sephardic Savory Meat Pie from Tori Avey

Photo: Tori Avey

This dish may look intimidating, but it uses ingredients you probably already have on hand or can easily find at your local store, like frozen puff pastry. But maybe the best part? It can be made with lamb too! (Hint hint).



Aaand now I’m hungry! If you try any of these recipes, let me know what you think in the comments or tag me on Instagram @bigskycaroline or @littlecreekmontana.






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