Little Creek Farm Club Now Open!

Little Creek Farm Club Now Open!


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You’ve probably heard me talk about it before, but I’m a big believer in knowing where your food comes from. When I first founded Little Creek my goal was - and remains to this day - to connect our customers to their meals like never before. And so Farm Club was born.

Farm Club has traditionally been an annual club where members join at the start of the year and spend the entire year with us, virtually getting a deeper understanding of ranching and what it takes to raise livestock (with lots of other perks)! 

This year, for the first time, we are re-opening Farm Club for the month of June only. I’m so excited to welcome you into the club!



All our Farm Club memberships are back in stock, but some (the lamb boxes in particular) are very limited. And you don’t have to purchase a meat box to join - there are ranch goods boxes as well as a digital membership! 

Farm Club comes with lots of perks. We always put our members first (subscription boxes are customizable and flexible) and we offer them the best pricing, exclusive discounts, and first shot at all new products and events. The most fun perk is probably access to our Close Friends list on Instagram stories, where we do Farm Club Only Thursdays and post extra content that only Farm Club gets to see. It’s where we can deep dive a bit more on ranching topics and I can share a bigger peek behind the curtain of Little Creek. We’re so grateful for our Farm Club members.

If you aren’t already a part of Farm Club, you’ll have the opportunity to join when we open it up again on Monday, June 7. Memberships will close when they sell out or at the end of June, whichever comes first. This will be the last chance to join Farm Club until next year.


With that in mind, I want to share a bit more about this round’s Farm Club offerings with you and the perks you can expect from each one.

NOTE: All membership options come with free shipping, access to the Close Friends list on Instagram, plus a first shot at all upcoming restocks as well as discounts via our Farm Club email list. Also, subscriptions are totally flexible. You can pause, skip or cancel any time you’d like.

Beef Subscription Membership

Taking its name from our beautiful Montana county, the Broadwater box is our most popular subscription! 

We curate our Broadwater box with easy-to-cook cuts of our delicious pasture raised and grass fed + grain finished dry aged beef and also include our versatile Little Creek Beef Seasoning. Plus, as a Farm Club member, each box is custom packed just for you! Want something substituted? No problem, just ask! You can also add extra lamb, beef, or ranch goods when available with no additional shipping cost. 

The Broadwater Box is available in small ($189) and medium ($269). 

Ground Beef Subscription Membership

Remember our recent blog post, where we shared our new favorite ground beef recipes? Well whatever you’re cooking up, our flavorful and mouth watering dry aged ground beef will elevate it, and it’s a great staple to stock your freezer with!

Just like with our Broadwater box, each dry aged ground beef box can be customized to your liking and extra lamb, beef, or ranch goods can be added on upon request.

The ground beef box is available in small ($125) and medium ($179) sizes. 

Lamb Showstopper Membership

To all the lamb lovers out there, this one’s for you! 

It’s called the Showstopper box for a reason: We fill it to the brim with all the best cuts of our tender and mild Icelandic lamb, like leg of lamb and rack of lamb, plus other favorites like ground lamb and lamb chops. We also throw in our Shepherd Lamb Seasoning that’s great on any and all cuts you might be cooking with.  

The Lamb Showstopper box ships once in the fall, contains ~10 lbs of lamb and is $249.

Lamb Sampler Membership

The Lamb Sampler box is a great introduction to our Icelandic lamb and includes a variety of easy-to-cook cuts like chops and stew meat, plus recipe guides and our Shepherd Lamb Seasoning.

The Lamb Sampler box ships once in the fall and is $199. 

Self Care Membership

Our Little Creek ranch goods have become such staples to many of our customers. For folks looking to treat themselves to natural, small batch self care items, we have the perfect box for you featuring our bestsellers and exclusive Farm Club Only items.

Each Self Care box includes a selection of our most popular self care ranch goods, like our lotions, candles, soaps, and more. This box is also customizable and we’re more than happy to take requests! Just let us know.

The Self Care box starts at $49 and comes once or quarterly, depending on which option you choose. 

Digital Membership

Our Digital Membership is a great way to get the perks of Farm Club and gain an in depth look at life here on the ranch without purchasing a product!. You’ll be added to our close friends list on Instagram, where we do weekly Farm Club Thursdays (we’ll only post to that list!), new product previews, Q&As, and more. In addition, you’ll get our Farm Club emails so you can get first shot at all restocks, monthly discount codes, and other extras. 

The Digital Membership is prorated for the remainder of 2021 at $19 per membership. Don’t forget to leave your Instagram username at checkout!

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Thank you for being here and for believing in our farm. We love sharing it with you,



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